The Best of Biking in Victoria

The Best of Biking in Victoria

Victoria is the most bikeable city in Canada. Being the warmest city in Canada, we have  built great infrastructure to get around. You can reach many of the best destinations around the city from the various biking trails built in Victoria. No need to rent a car if you have the tools and some energy to get around! Gas in BC is the highest in Canada so it’s a great alternative to save some money.

There are a few different trails including the Galloping Goose, E&N trail and Lochside Trail which has little to no traffic lights and keeps you away from the roads.

 Here are some of my favourite places to get to on a bike:

  1. Downtown Victoria
    The city recently upgraded the bike lane on wharf street. The double lane follows the ocean on the West side of downtown with bike lanes up every major road. Parking can be tricky and pricey downtown but there are places everywhere to lock up your bike

  2. Thetis lake
    The Galloping Goose starts near the Bay Street Bridge and is a straight away to the lake. The parking lot is full every weekend of the summer so this is a great alternative to beat the crowds. There is a steady hill right before you arrive but don’t worry, once you get there the water is just steps away from jumping in. It’s located in a regional park so there are no properties on the lake and it’s built for locals to enjoy every day of the year

  3. Matheson Lake
    A bit more of a commitment, it is a 28km bike from the beginning of the Goose to the lake. This lake is similar to Thetis but it is never as busy because of the location. The bike ride there takes you along the ocean and then through a beautiful forest. The bike trial is almost completely flat so at least you don’t have to worry about hills!

  4. Six Mile Pub -
    The oldest Pub in BC is located very close to Thetis lake. There is an alternative bike trail you can take called the E&N trail. It’s about the same distance to get there as the Galloping Goose with a few more views along the way

  5. Mount Douglas
    Not much of a mountain but it is the highest point in the Victoria area. The Galloping goose to the Loch Trail will get you here. It’s about a 20 min hike from the parking lot to the top of the mountain. Plan your visit for sunet! You have an unobstructed 360 degree view from here which includes the Sunshine Coast, Vancouver mountains, Olympics mountains, smaller Island mountains and it’s completely surrounded by the ocean

  6. Hatley Castle
    Where Xmen was filmed, this old military college is a castle surrounded by beautiful rainforest and looking over the Esquimalt lagoon. There are well maintained gardens you can take an afternoon exploring. The Goose goes right past it!

  7. Dallas Road
    Another recent addition to the biking tails in the city, there is a double lane trail that takes you along the southern tip of the island overlooking the Olympic mountains. There are a few beaches you can stop at along the way but don’t forget to take in the architecture around the area as this was the first neighbourhood built in Victoria

Enjoy your cruise around this beautiful city! There are many spots along the trails that you will only be able to see on a bike so don’t miss the opportunity when you are there. Check out the links below for some bike rental shops around the city. Don’t forget about Electric bikes if you don’t quite have the energy or want to explore farther than your legs will take you 

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